4 Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Fiber Internet Connection

fiber optic cable

Summer is coming, and it definitely takes a toll on your fiber internet connection much like everything else. That is why is will be wise of you to start planning for the summer maintenance schedule for your fiber internet connection.

Proper maintenance helps you make sure that the connection keeps working even in the worst of weather conditions. So, here are some summer fiber connection maintenance tips that you can follow.

Don’t Let The Splices Sit Wet

You should keep the Splices clean and dry. They are probably the weakest point of any fiber internet connection. The bad effects of water on fiber are well known already.

So, once or twice a year in the summer, open the Splices dry them properly and re-seal them for the upcoming winter.

See If There Are Any Ground Faults

You can use the metal conductor (that is buried with the fiber underground) to see where your fiber is actually located under the ground. Ground faults can lead to your inability to locate the wire inside the ground.

So, make sure that you can located the wire correctly, because without this, you won’t be able to detect any errors in your fiber.

Check The Ground Rod

Ground rods are placed to provide an alternative path to the lightening, and they keep your connections safe from destruction upon contact with electric current.

Make ground rod inspection a proper part of your fiber connection inspection. Because that is the only way of protecting your connection from getting damaged.

Inspect The Pedestal

Pedestals usually get damaged in the winter. They house all the water that’s being made due to the melt down of snow. This water gets into the pedestal and later freezes to damage your fiber. So, inspect as well to detect any possible errors. Also, try to choose the most affordable fiber that also performs well in the test (billigaste bredband fiber bäst i test) to enjoy the speed that you paid for.

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