Here’s How You Can Choose The Right Type of Dog Crate For Your Dog


A dog crate is a cage consisting of a combination of metal, plastic and clothing. It is a kind of temporary residence for the dog which resembles its original den and the dog is often required to undergo crate training so that it is not intimidated by the interior of the crate and adapts to the surrounding quickly.

The Purpose of a Dog Crate

For most of the part, a dog crate is used for security and transportation purposes. Parents often rely on dog crates when have to travel with the pet and need it to be safe during the journey. Furthermore, a dog crate is also relied upon when a dog needs refuge within the home or during potty training for a puppy. In addition to these, a dog crate is also used to limit the movement of the animal while it is learning the rules, when the guests are over or at locations where it is not permissible for a dog to roam around.

Different Types of Dog Crates

There are different types of dog crates that are available in the market, each of which varies in cost, durability, ease of transportation, safety, size and design such as a 48 inch dog crate; factors which help the dog owner to decide which crate would suit them the best.

Solid Plastic Crates are more preferred for travelling in a car or by air as it renders more safety than a wire crate. On the downside, the crate occupies greater space because it cannot be folded for storage.

Travel Crates are highly recommended for use inside a vehicle. While Gunner is even preferred for use in planes, the same does not go for Variocage which is not suitable for air travel or to carry a pet outside the vehicle.

Aluminium Crates are most suitable for indoor use or for visit to the pet by car. It comes in both fixed and foldable design and is lightweight and resistant to rust and renders appropriate ventilation for the dog.

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