How to Close a Pocket Knife

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Self defense has become a huge priority for quite a few people in the world due to the reason that global conflicts are escalating and we are quickly starting to realize that the world really isn’t as safe as we initially thought it was. Some people decide to buy a gun, but suffice it to say that this is an incredibly destructive weapon to use and you also need many months of training before you can properly use it to boot.

A much more responsible as well as sensible self defense tool for you to look into is a damascus steel pocket knife due to how portable it is as well as the reasonable amount of damage that it can do to someone that is trying to attack you. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to hurt someone that is attempting to do you harm, killing them would be a terrible thing for your soul so it makes sense that you would want to restrict your self defense equipment to weapons that can cause injury but not outright loss of life.

One thing that you might be a little bit confused about here would be how you can store the knife in your pocket safely. After all, it has a sharp edge so putting it in your pocket should be really dangerous right? Wrong! Pocket knives can be easily closed up by folding the blade inwards towards the wooden handle. This handle has a wide slot in it that the blade can go into, thereby rendering it perfectly safe to keep in your pocket. Just remember to lock it in place otherwise it might open up and hurt you.

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