How You Can Prepare Yourself For Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment

scap hair treatment

Scalp micro pigmentation is an effective hair loss treatment used by lots of men around the globe. The treatment can help you restore your confidence, and can help you in various other ways as well.

However, for an effective treatment, you must follow the right tips to prepare yourself beforehand. Below mentioned are some good tips on how you can prepare yourself for scalp micropigmentation Las Vegas treatment.

Provide Your Head With Moisture

A moisturized scalp can easily tackle the needle used in the scalp micro pigmentation treatment. So, before your scalp micro pigmentation treatment, start moisturizing your scalp at least two times a day. You can use our moisturizing lotion for this purpose.

If you have a dry skin on your treatment day, most of the times, the needle will bounce off your skin, and the procedure will be less effective. That’s why you should keep your scalp well moisturized for the treatment.

Cut Your Hair Before The Treatment

You can use anything to cut your hair the night before your scalp micro pigmentation treatment. Keep in mind that you should at least cut your hair 12 hours before the treatment, as cutting it right before the treatment will cause lots of soreness.

Ideally, you should cut your hair 24 hours before the treatment to avoid any redness.

Avoid Certain Foods

Before your scalp micro pigmentation treatment, you should make sure that you do not eat anything which might thin your blood. If you end up thinning your blood before the treatment, it can cause more bleeding.

Avoid coffee, alcohol and certain medications.

Choose a Hairline Beforehand

Before getting started with the scalp micro pigmentation, you should choose a hairline for yourself. Choose a hairline which will look natural, and good in the long run.

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