HR Department – Adding Value to It

Important department

Not every executive values the human resource department like it should be valued and that has many reasons behind it, this department is overseen at times and many executives might not truly understand the value this department brings or can bring to an organization, this is not just an administrative wing of the company and by no means its task are limited to just administration, it is there to setup strategies and contribute to the growth and expansion of the company and hence add to the stability of the company if used in the right manner.

Vision and strategic insight aren’t the things that are usually associated with HR department and that has been the case since the earliest of days when companies took form of formal organizations, the work of HR has been there since the introduction of any sort of company, even a small labor force working at a site would require someone to manage them and all their needs but overtime the work of HR has enhanced and it is not just limited to “administrivia” as ERP and other strategic planning requirements have pushed companies to hire people in HR who does possess vision and are not just limited to administration.

As an HR executive one can setup talent strategies and understand the company’s performance framework where the HR is in full awareness of the business model and the expectations of stakeholders, by doing this, the HR department is able to have value in the eyes of the senior corporates as it is not just limiting its functions to administrations, the entire purpose is to add value to the department and let it be known the to the organization that HR department is more than just administration, click here for more on how to add value to HR department.

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