Steps to Using a Fish Finder

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Using fish finder in your fishing sessions can help make this otherwise complex easy do. With the help of this piece of technology, you can see it there are any fish nearby, or you are just mastering your time. For the best results, leave the fish finder on and keep moving around unless you find a suitable area with a plenty of fish. You can find good fishfinders under 200 if you have this budget.

Learn to Read The Display

Display is the output of your fish finder. Everything is displayed on it, and you can see it to know the results. However, if you do not know how to use pr read a display, you can consult to the user’s manual that shows with the product.

Your first step should be to find some basic information on the display and learn how to read it. If you are moving, the fish finder display will update from left to right. The right side shows the latest scanned area. However, if you are sitting in an idle boat, the screen will only show a fixed area.

The display should be read right to left in down imaging, or top to bottom in side imaging techniques.

Locating The Fish

If you are looking for smaller sized fish, then the display will show small patches on the screen. In some imaging, these fishes might appear as small dots. Larger fishes make larger patches or dots depending on what type of scanner you are using.

The fish finder will show a thick layer at the bottom of the display. Usually this layer in the bottom of the water body you are fishing in. However, if the thick surface shows various things inside itself, you are probably beating on a soft sandy surface. Hard surfaces do not show anything in the display.

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