Terminologies And Jargon of Magic: The Gathering That You Should Know of

If you are planning on starting your journey with card trading games, then we would highly recommend that you start off with the best game in the industry so far i.e. Magic: The gathering. If you haven’t heard of it before, then we would like to inform you all that this is the game that set the bar and roots for trading card game. It was first introduced about two decades ago and has been in the scene ever since then. All the successors have been pretty famous like Pokemon card trading games, but nothing beats the fun you will have while playing this game.

According to Source: BallerStatus.com, there are plenty of terminologies you will have to familiarize yourself with first. Otherwise this will be a problem for you later on. With that being said, following are a couple of jargon and terminologies related to Magic: The Gathering that all beginners should know of to get the best possible experience, check them out below.


Whenever the game start, each player has about 20 life points by default and these tend to deplete or depreciate as the game carries on. They can be reduced only via attacks and spells that opponents cast on each other.


This is something that happens in every trading card game, so essentially, there is no rocket science behind this. In short, the cards that you have tapped in your game, you can untap them. This can help you in strategizing your move throughout the rount.

Tapping Cards

Another thing you can do is, when you lay your cards, the attacks aren’t launched right away, they can, however be casted on you tap your cards.

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