The Actual Cost of a Tree Removal Service

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Tree removal service is a regular service that you’ll need once you have any type of dead tree in the yard of your home. But there is no one fixed price for all the services, and you’ll have to pay different prices depending on the services you’re looking for. There are various factors like width and height of the tree, its type, the number of pipelines underneath the ground surrounding the tree and the location of your house that influence the final process of a tree removal service.

Here are different factors that you should consider when hiring a tree removal service.

Services Included

A basic tree removal service package also contain a number of different services that you can avail without adding extra costs to your bill. If the tree is tall, it’ll need to be cut into various smaller pieces to make the removal process safer. The company would also transport the pieces to a desired place at no additional cost. So, chopping the tree and carrying it away are typically included in the service, however, some tree removal companies Vancouver also provide extra services in the basic package.

The Extra Services

Some services don’t come with the basic tree removal plan, and you’ll have to pay to avail those extra services. For example, some companies do not provide the dumping (transport) services, and you’ll have to pay extra to avail that service.

Stump Removal is one such service which is almost never included in the standard tree removal package. That is because the stump removal requires a range of different equipment and requires a lot of extra time. So, look for a company that’ll provide you with a stump removal for at a little extra price.

If you live in a cold area and need the limbs chipped for you instead of being carried away, you can get the extra Limb Chipping service at an extra cost.

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