Things to Consider Before Buying an iPhone


Could there be a clear champion between Microsoft and Sony when it comes to videogame consoles? Is Pepsi better than Coca Cola? Is Tea better than Coffee? The answer to all these questions will be subjective. There cannot be a clear winner since the opinions of the people differ from one product to another. Similarly, when we talk about smart devices, while there are so many contenders that are hoping to get your hard-earned cash with their shiny, shimmery gadgets, the main 2 contenders on the software front are Android and iOS. With the market completely saturated with tons of smart devices by different manufacturers, how does one decide what is best for them? A starting point for anyone who wishes to buy a new device is to first decide which OS or Operating System they wish to go with. As mentioned earlier, the choices are either Android or iOS.

Each operating system has its own pros and cons and have huge legions of followers supporting them. iOS is an Apple operating system that specifically works with devices manufactured by Apple only. The OS is, therefore, more focused, enhanced and optimized since Apple not only manufactures but controls the hardware it runs on. With all the research and development going into each version of the OS, Apple’s iOS is widely appreciated and admired by millions of users across the world. As seen on, now the focus on a perfect eco-system of software and services that works across all the different devices made by Apple is one of the top reasons people are more inclined to invest in Apple or iOS eco-system. On the other side, Android has been around for a long time as well, owned and powered by Google, the Android OS is widely available as an open-source OS that is highly customizable and therefore widely available across hundreds of smart devices from different manufacturers.

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