Tips to Help You in Getting Radio Play

In today’s day and age, while many artists are of the opinion that the playlist placement on platforms only exist to the extent of Spotify only. However, back in the older days terrestrial radio placements used to be the benchmark of achievement for artists. Terrestrial radios used to be great for people who were trying to find a fan base and that is how it was done.

However, now the digital media taking over things have changed to quite an extent. Spotify tends to give artists exposure via algorithmic exposure which could be a plausible explanation as to why most artists strive to get their singles and music on different playlist spots, especially the coveted ones. Radio is still more expansive in a sense that there are many RJs waiting to discover artists and put their songs on the radio. Not only that, but radios tend to have diverse audiences ranging from local indie stations to college radio stations. If you want to find a way to get radio placements then you keep on reading ahead as we will be discussing some of the helpful tips.

Have Your Marketing Strategies Ready

In order to get your music renowned, you should have a plan as to how you plan on marketing it first. This is important and most often an overlooked aspect about making music and gaining a fan base. Be sure to have all the correct versions of your materials ready at hand so that radio stations while playing your songs and material are promoting information that is correct and it also reflects your professionalism as an artist.

If you want to go by a checklist, following are the items that you should have ready at hand.

  • Simplified and updated versions of your bio and photoshoots.
  • All of your social media platforms for fans t check out.
  • CDs of your new albums or singles. In case you are sending a digital version then ensure that it is a downloadable copy and a working stream link.
  • A sheet detailing your recent works and the ones that are coming up soon.
  • Any other requirement that the radio station asks you to fulfill.
  • If you have any tours planned, then details of those would also be appreciated so that new fans can get a chance to see you live.

Finding What Works For You

While you are making music and simultaneously marketing it, make sure you have a strategy in place. Some artists tend to send all of their materials to every single station possible. However, we would not recommend that; instead, it is better if you go for a select few stations that you are sure that your target audience tunes into. Essentially, we’re trying to say that there is no cookie cutter approach to this thing, you will have to do your research on the subject find which stations will work for you best and then go with that.

Make Your Marketing And Your Music Personal

While radio stations are doing their best to advocate artists, artists need to realize that they need to play their part as well. Having personal connection should also be on a list of priorities while you are looking for promotions. This way your work will be done in a more expansive environment. Establishing long term relationship is so much more important. Artists should work on it, so that their future promotions can also expand and better as well. Working on this also reflects how much your work means to you and it helps in making radio jockeys be a part of your promotion work as well.

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