Understanding Knives


Our ancestors recognized the importance of tools, and if you examine the first few tools that were discovered, they covered all our basic needs. We started creating our first tools in the stone age, and like the name would suggest, they were made of stones. The earliest tools included a stone to hammer with and a sharp stone that would be used as a weapon and to cut other material. The hammer and the knife are thus our oldest creations. Even today, we are essentially useless without the two because of the variety of functions and purposes they serve. For the sake of this article, we will just be talking about knives, and if you are looking to equip a knife, you can check out what the experts at the good men project have to say.

When we talk about knives, we talk about a few basic categories of knives, and these include:

  • Cooking Knives – The knives that we use for cooking-related purposes come in a variety of types like bread knives, chef knives, cleavers, and so on. All of these knives have a different weight and the blades are shaped and sharpened according to the use of the knife.
  • Self Defense Knives – These knives can range from small pocket knives to daggers and so on. Their purpose is self-defense and depending on your country and their laws regarding carrying weapons can be equipped by anyone. Women especially make use of small pocket knives as a self-defense option against potential threats or attacks.
  • Pocket knives or Swiss Knives – These are small, multi-purpose pocket knives. Their initial purpose was to contain all the attachments necessary for soldiers that are stationed at checkpoints or in the wilderness so that they can survive. These knives are still used by people that are living outdoors, going camping, and so on.

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