Understanding The Flea Prevention For Dog Owners

The blood-sucking parasite found in the fur of the dogs, also known as troll is a kind of flea that just not only feeds on the blood of the dog but also on cats but occasionally humans as well. These insets easily transfer to other pets and also to different area of the home where they infest themselves in the furniture, carpets and hosiery.

How Does It Look Like?

It might be hard to detect the fleas in the fur of the dog, but one way to find them is to look for their feces. These feces are small brown spots which are most commonly found in the stomch area. If the spot is mixed in water and then crushed to reveal red color means the pet sure has flea infestation.

In another case, if the dog exhibits symptoms of fleas bites and they are not found in the fur, a suitable method is to use Flea-treating products and see the result.

Symptoms of Flea Bites

If a dog scratches itself intensely, or rubs, bites, chews and links itself excessively, all these allude to the infestation of the parasites in the fur. In addition, odour due to the infection in the bites is also a sign of flea infestation.

Effective Flea Treatment

Flea treatment is not important only to remove the infested parasite from the fur but also for preventing the occurrence in future. Some potential methods to either prevent or treat flea infestation in dogs are discussed here;

Flea collars are easily found at pet shops and they release chemical that keeps these parasites at bay.  However, it is recommended to consult a vet prior to purchasing the collar as the wrong one can cause unwanted results.

Tropical Treatments

These include powders and ointments that are found at pet shops and at the vet and are applied between the shoulder blades.

Flea Shampoo And Combs

The shampoo is used to treat the infestation along with the symptoms where as the comb is effective in removing both living and dead parasites.

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