Using People’s Images in Marketing Campaigns

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Sometimes you would see something or the other on social media and would feel like it represents your brand in some way, shape or form. The fact of the matter is that there is a good chance that the image you are looking at could potentially end up being a very positive representative of pretty much every single thing your brand stands for, but it stands to reason that just using random pictures without really giving much thought as to how you would want the people in these pictures to end up reacting could be very dangerous indeed.

There is an image copyright on stock photos that prevents you from using them without first taking permission from the copyright holder, and this means that you can only imagine how many restrictions would be placed on pictures that are not meant to be used as stock images. You might want to think about contacting the people in the images for this sort of thing. There is a good chance that they might want to be paid in exchange for you using their image, and it would do you a lot of good to at least consider paying this price otherwise you might not be allowed to use these images at all.

People have sued companies for using their image without getting their permission first, so unless you want to suffer the same fate we highly recommend that you think about being a little careful in this regard. Protecting your enterprise from lawsuits can be tricky, but taking a few common sense precautions might just improve matters in a really big way and lead to a lot more stability both for yourself as well as your company.

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