What Are The Legal Issues With Using a Cell Phone Jammer

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In many countries around the globe, it is prohibited to both buy, and sell the cell phone jammers. You can’t interfere with the radio frequency of a communication or radio service which is authorized to operate. Manufacturing, advertisement and sale of the cell phone jammers is also prohibited in many countries. However, smaller versions of these jammers continue to be sold on well reputed sites like https://www.thesignaljammer.com/, you can use these jammers for personal reasons in a private place.

Property Theft

In many laws, radio signal jamming is considered as a type of property theft. That is because the sim companies buy the rights to operate on certain radio frequencies, and you can’t interfere in their property by using a blocking device.

This is considered illegal for other reasons as well. For example, you might use the jammer to block the annoying calls during a conference, but this will also block all of the other calls, and they might include emergency calls. So, you can put others lives in danger by using a cell phone signal jammer.


In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission was made to deal with the issues like illegal usage of cell phone jammers, but the agency has never fined or acted against anyone. But according to the law, you can be fined heavily, or imprisoned for up to 1 year for using the jammer. Additionally, the device is also seized and forfeited to the government.

It is Legal Under Certain Circumstances

While using cell phone jammers is prohibited in most cases, many counties allow it under certain circumstances. Some government organizations and even companies are allowed to use jammers in areas where cell phone usage is considered as a source of public nuisance.

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