What Nozzle to Use For Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

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It is important to recognize that pressure washing is not the sort of activity that you can throw yourself into without first doing your due diligence because of the fact that there are complexities within the art form that you might not be aware of at present. Suffice it to say that nozzle optimization is one of the more obscure elements that would nonetheless form vital components in your pressure washing knowledge, so we are going to tell you all that we know about what kinds of nozzles you need for every activity that requires pressure washing to reach completion.

Most tasks for pressure washing can be done with the green nozzle, but based on our research if you want to use League City TX pressure washing on vinyl siding you need to start using the yellow option. The yellow nozzle is usually better for all forms of siding due to the reason that it spreads the spray across a wider area thereby diluting some of the pressure instead of having it hit a single spot where it can do some damage.

The pressure will still be high enough to clean the vinyl of course, but you should still try to stay around three to four feet away from it otherwise the lower pressure might not give you the safety that you had been looking for. Four feet of distance and the yellow spray nozzle is a potent combination for vinyl siding cleaning that everyone agrees makes the process more effective as well as easier in a lot of ways. You should avoid using the red nozzle because the pressure is far too intense all in all.

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