Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Decline Your Case

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Interviewing multiple personal injury lawyers and choosing the best fit is a common practice for many people. But lawyers might sometimes turn down your request to take you personal injury case. There is always a reason behind these refusals, so, do not worry.

Just like you like to interview and analyze a lawyer before hiring him, he also takes a deep look at your case and sees if it is feasible for him to take up or not. This usually happens because lawyers have to work on contingency bases in personal injury cases. They will not get paid, and will waste their time if they take on a weak case.

Here are some of the reasons on why lawyers for personal injury in Chicago might turn down your case.

The Issue of Establishing Liability

If course the most important thing that a lawyer considers is the issue of establishing liability in your case.

Your injury does not make some else liable to bear all the expenses for nothing. If you fail to establish in your case that you were injured because of someone else, you will not get any compensation.

If no one is responsible for your injury, you will lose the case, and that is why some lawyers might hesitate to take your case.

Less Damage

In a personal injury case, you are basically compensated for the damage that you bore because of someone else.

The compensation includes property damage, lost wages, for pain, and for all the medical expenses.

However, if the compensation amount you are looking to receive is low, than it might not justify the time of a lawyer spent on your case, and he might turn it down.

There might be lots of other reasons for this, but these were the two main reasons.

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