Why is It Equally Important For a Landlord to Hire a Professional Attorney?

While there are many situations that proffers the need of an attorney with expertise in landlord-tenant matters to a tenant, there are times when a landlord needs to seek legal advice as well. From looking over the lease drafting to prevent any illegal or unfair issue to rise, a landlord-tenant lawyer comes as a great help for the proprietor. Furthermore, landlords are fundamentally similar to a business owner and naturally own the ambition to make a profit without much liability, therefore a suitable lawyer also helps navigate the right path to reach this goal.

However, when it comes to typical landlord-tenant related matter, here are few conditions where an attorney would be suitable for a landowner.

When Evicting a Tenant

By law, a proprietor is supposed to send a prior notice to the tenant regarding the eviction and has to arrange all the required documents and paper. Additionally, since at the time of an eviction, a tenant’s residence is at stake, many judges make it slighly harder to rule the judgment in the landlord’s owner. Therefore, under such circumstances, it is important to hire an attorney.

When Sued Illegally For Injury or Damage

It is feasible to look for an attorney in case the tenant sues the landlord for damage to either the person or to their property. Finding the right lawyer with positive reviews such as by looking for landlord tenant lawyer Phoenix AZ helps the landlord to locate a nearby professional that could run the lawsuit in their favor.

When Sued Illegally For Discrimination

There are many instances when a landlord is accused of discrimination even if they follow all the proper guidelines at the time of eviction on lawful reasons and it is not important to hire a lawyer every single time. However, if the matter goes to the court and the landlord is sued, a lawyer can make the tables turn.

According to law, a penalty as severe as $16,000 can be imposed on the first-time offenders along with the lawyer’s fee and several other reliefs and this lies in the landlord’s favour if the lawsuit is settled in their favour.

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