Why There’s Been an Influx of Pink Slips

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If you have ever worked at a traditional kind of office, there is a pretty good chance that you would have been terrified of being handed a pink slip. This is because of the fact that this slip is basically proof that you have not done your job to the best of your abilities and that you are going to end up being dismissed from your place of employment. The truth of the situation is that no one wants to have to think about pink slips, but the recent increase in pink slips has resulted in a lot of curiosity about the topic.

The reason for their being so many pink slips is the 2015 district attorney change which resulted in the office restructuring and a lot of the people that served the previous administration being kicked out. This is a common aspect of politics and it shouldn’t result in anything too major, but those that have found themselves embroiled in the legal system might want to note the fact that their cases are going to end up taking a much longer time to resolve now that this has happened.

All of the new employees of the office will have to get up to date about the goings on that are relevant here. Hence, your case is going to take a lot of time to get to. The fact of the matter is that this will inconvenience quite a few people who may have been hoping to wrap up legal proceedings and move on with their lives. Still, the justice department will ideally get its affairs in order soon and things will begin to run like clockwork once again.

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